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About First Things First

At First Things First we get it. Buying your first home can seem hard. With all the complicated rules, contracts and forms involved, and the stories telling you you’ll never be able to afford it, it’s easy to think that the great Australian dream is not within your reach.

Well, we’re here to call time on all that negativity. Enough with the misunderstanding. Enough with the fear. We are here to shake up the way people go about buying their first home. To tell you, you can buy your first home and it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Our experts draw on years of experience to educate, encourage and guide first home buyers like you into your first home, helping you to overcome all the hurdles that stand in your way: from saving for a deposit through to securing finance and choosing a property that’s right for you. Plus, we help you put your whole financial picture in focus while you do it.

So when you are ready to take the big step of buying your first home, talk to First things First. We’re the first step in making that dream a reality.

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Our experts draw on
years of experience to
educate, encourage and
guide first home buyers
like you into your first

Meet the Team

Michael Williams

Michael’s our chief expert for those just getting started on their first home buying journey. He’s made it his mission to help people put the right financial strategies in place that’ll get you into your first home faster.

Daniel Micevski

An expert in all things finance, Daniel is someone all first home buyers will want to have on their side. He’s here to share his insights and answer all the first home buying questions you didn’t even know to ask.

Joe Bonifazio

If Joe has a quirk, it’s that he comes to work with one topic for the week he can tell you all about. An avid researcher, he’s helping first home buyers become more knowledgeable about their financial decisions so they can achieve their goals with confidence.

Stephen Phillips

When it comes to property, you’ll be hard pressed to find many with the experience Stephen brings to the table. Once you’re ready to start finding that place you’ll want to call home, Stephen will present you with the options that’ll tick all the right boxes.

Loreen Dyer

Home loans are Loreen’s bread and butter. When you’re ready to talk mortgages, she’ll be there to help work out your borrowing capacity, find a lender that’s right for you and lodge the applications you need to finance your first home.

Mark Wenzel

If you can get over the fact he’s a Collingwood supporter (sorry!), Mark is one of the good guys. As a first home buyer expert, it’s his job to understand where you’re at in your journey and show you all the paths that’ll get you to that home ownership finish line.