3 reasons to keep your first home buying dreams alive during the pandemic

Buying your first home can be overwhelming at the best of times – but trying to buy your first home when the world’s in various stages of lock down can seem down right impossible.

We’re not going to sugar coat it – times are tough right now. We get it if the dream of buying your first home isn’t the first thing that comes to mind right now. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if that dream felt a little dark in the current climate.

What we will tell you, is that even if it doesn’t seem like it right now, we can and will get through this; and we hope that on the other side, we helped you keep your dreams alive.

Because the thing is, now might be exactly the time to work on those personal goals you’ve had marinating in that wonderful brain of yours. Here’s why…

1. You’re saving money without even trying

We all knew how much the little things could save us money, but the times we’re in now really drive the message home. Think about it – that money you would have spent on travelling, on lunch in the city, on brunch with friends, theoretically should now be collecting in your bank account.

Of course, we’re not saying you’re going to have saved a deposit at the end of this, but what this period of isolation is doing is forcing restraint and hopefully training you to form a new habit you can sustain once this is all over. Imagine how much you could save by keeping even just a few of your money saving habits up.

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2. You have more time on your hands to get things done

For most of our lives, we’ve been hyper stimulated and conditioned to be busy, so for a lot of people, being forced to slow down can be a really difficult adjustment. It’s amazing how being forced to stay home opens up time for things you were “too busy” to do before.

People are getting into puzzles, crafting, de-cluttering storage spaces – just to give themselves something to do. Anything to put their minds somewhere else.

So what if you thought of this time as an opportunity to work on a bit of life admin you would ordinarily struggle to make time for? Maybe focusing on your first home buying goals can be a project to keep your mind active and give yourself something to get excited about.

You can start with a call or video chat with First Things First – to get you engaging with other people, and to talk through some of your hopes and dreams for the future, or even some of your fears (because it’s okay to have some of those too!). We’ll lend an ear, have a chat with you about your options, give you something to work towards and put you on the right path to get there.

3. You can still experience property hunting and buying in this climate, even if it is from afar

The idea that you need to “touch and feel” a property before you buy it is one many first home buyers cling to. As one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, it makes sense that you feel some security in involving physical/tactile feedback into your decision making process. But this isn’t the only way to buy property.

The fact is people buy off-the-plan property all the time. Whether it’s an apartment close to the city, a townhouse near your Mum’s, or a house and land package in the ‘burbs, there are property buyers (first home buyers included) who are buying quality, brand new homes without ever having stepped foot in them before signing the dotted line.

It’s a different buying experience, sure, but it can also be a lot more interactive. Buying off-the-plan you’re buying it first – no one has lived in it, things are still covered by warranties, and a lot of the time you can inject your customisations right from the get go meaning you don’t have to find the time to DIY later on. You can also often get access to stock the 100 people you saw at that open home (back when you could still go to those) probably wouldn’t even know about. Brand new properties are also great if you’re looking to get the First Home Owner’s Grant – something you’d miss out on if you were buying something established. Click here to check out some of our tips for buying off-the-plan.

Otherwise, if still looking to buy something with a bit of “lived in” character, it’s good to note that property sales agencies are adapting.

While traditional open for inspections are out the window for the moment, private inspections are still allowed. However, most agents also realise people are going to stay at home unless they have a really good reason to leave, so a lot of agencies are investing in tech to provide digital, 3D walk throughs or video tours so you can feel like you’re walking through a place without leaving your couch. Even auctions are moving online. Times are changing, so the industry is adapting.

First Things First is here to support you and give you the confidence you need to buy your first home. Whether you’re ready to go right now or need help to get to a position where you can in the next two years, if buying your first home is a possibility in your future, we’re here to make it happen.

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